iPrints is a leading offline advertising and inbound marketing company in Lagos Nigeria. We utilize print advertising as a powerful tool for reaching target audiences effectively. Print advertising is the use of tangible and versatile media channels that encompasses a wide range of materials, from brochures and flyers to magazine ads and posters. Print ads combines compelling visuals with concise messaging to capture attention and convey brand messages in a format that’s easy to revisit. In an ever-evolving media landscape, print advertising endures as a strategic choice for businesses aiming to make a lasting impact and engage audiences through the tangible and timeless nature of printed materials.

Print Advertising Company in Lagos

As a professional print advertising company in Lagos that design, print and deliver high-quality advertising solutions for businesses, in-person events and wedding ceremonies such as flyers, leaflets, A3 posters, stickers, postcards, corporate brochures, booklets, custom banners, our job is to guide you throughout each of the processes. We print company letterheads, business cards, branded envelopes, catalogs; including presentation and educational materials, manufacture outdoor billboards, and install different kind of display signages such as standee roll up banners, flag banners, and pop up banners. We are your printer partners in direct mailing and name tags making, staff ID cards printing, events souvenirs like branded notepads, jotters, notebooks, calendars, diaries, branded pens, t-shirts and other corporates gifts.

We can create your brand identity logos, build company websites, and develop cost-effective digital marketing strategies for all your advertising campaigns. If you are in Lagos, you can contact us to manage your billboard advertisements, radio and television adverts, and newspaper publications that will showcase your products to the target audience, create brand awareness and increase your organizational sales revenue. We supply conference decoration and events promotional materials such as, order of events, programs, indoor and outdoor displays and directional signs, A-frame stand boards, notice boards, exhibition stands, handouts, gift bags, events giveaways, foldable stage backdrops, gazebo tents, canopies, promo tables, branded umbrellas, wallpaper and canvas designs. As a digital print advertising company in Lagos, we produce and install all kind of corporate signage and other stunning large format printed items that decorate your events venues, home and office locations.

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  • A3 Poster Printing
  • A4 Tri-fold Leaflets and Pamphlets
  • Billboard Banner Printing & Installation
  • Branded Wristbands Designs
  • Car Wraps & Vehicle Branding in Lagos
  • Company Products Catalog
  • DL Rack Card Design Printing
  • Foldable Backdrop Stand
  • Front Desk Office Branding
  • Full Colour A5 Flyer Printing
  • Infographics Design & Printing
  • Lamp Post Banner Sign
  • Magazine Printing in Lagos
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  • Outdoor Fabric Banners
  • Political Campaign Posters and Stickers
  • Promotional Digital Signage
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  • Rollup Banner Stands
  • Rollup Banners Printing
  • Teardrop Flags and Feather Banners
  • Vinyl Banner Printing