Holographic Prints on PVC ID Cards and Labels


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Including security printing features like holographic prints, tamper-evident seals, or anti-counterfeiting measures can protect your products and build consumer trust. Let us integrate hologram printing on your PVC ID cards, business cards, products labels or and branded apparels. Hologram printing is a sophisticated and innovative approach that combines aesthetics with security features, setting these items apart in terms of visual appeal and authenticity.  Our advanced technology ensures that precise holographic features are embedded into each card or fabric to deter counterfeiting, identity theft or fraud.

Holographic prints on PVC ID Cards adds a layer of visual complexity, making it difficult to be replicated. Holographic elements, such as shimmering images or 3D effects, not only bolster security but also contribute to the card’s aesthetic appeal. Whether for corporate access, government IDs, or event badges, our PVC ID cards with hologram printing offer a cutting-edge solution, combining innovative design with robust security features to safeguard your identification credentials. Choose iPrints for state-of-the-art PVC ID cards that prioritize both security and visual sophistication.

Incorporating holographic prints into product labels also transforms packaging into a visually stunning and secure display. Holographic labels can feature shifting images, rainbow effects, or unique patterns that catch the eye. Beyond aesthetics, these holographic elements act as anti-counterfeiting measures. At the end of this production, your product labels would become a canvas for brand expression, conveying a sense of authenticity and quality. This print finishing solution is particularly crucial in industries where brand trust and product integrity are paramount.

Holographic printing on textile materials like custom t-shirts and clothing introduces a new dimension to fashion and design. Fabrics can be adorned with holographic patterns, creating iridescent and dynamic textures that respond to light and movement. From clothing to accessories, holographic textiles offer a futuristic and avant-garde aesthetic. Additionally, incorporating holographic elements into textile designs can serve as a brand identifier, enhancing product recognition in the competitive fashion market.

Benefits of holographic prints across applications includes security, brand aesthetics, recognition, differentiation, and customization. As technology advances, the integration of holography into these everyday items continues to evolve, providing exciting opportunities for businesses to create visually stunning, secure, and distinctive products. Whether for identification, product packaging, or fashion, holographic prints contribute to a future where form and function seamlessly coexist.


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