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Transparent Plastic Business Card is a modern invention a smart new age product that is stylish and ideal for promoting your personality and your brand, apart from it elegant look, it comfortable takes care of all the limitation of the regular business card; its water resistant, survives accidental damage and wear-and-tear. The durability of this transparent plastic card would provide a stamp of quality and endurance to your products and services too.

Order Transparent Plastic Business Card at affordable prices in  Nigeria. As one of the leading online digital Printing company in Lagos  Our Executive Line of Plastic Business Card is of premium and the highest quality in plastic business card printing.

The transparent plastic business cards are beautifully crafted to make you stand out. These business cards give you a tool that positions you and your organization in a highly elegant manner wherever it is seen. You can have pictures relevant to your organization printed on the cards alongside other information. Plastic business cards are very unique, they also are not affected by water, the edges don’t fold in wallets, the cards can generally withstand more stress. People will literally beg to get your business card and You’ll hand them out with delight


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