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As a business operating in a highly competitive market, it is imperative for you to seize every opportunity to promote your business, and that includes promoting your brand through the packaging materials. Putting a mark of your business such as your brand name or logo on your packages can engage potential customers by drawing their attention both during transit and delivery.

Realizing this potential for customer engagement, many businesses use carton boxes printed with their brand name and/or logo to pack products. But the cost of custom printing these carton boxes can be quite costly, especially considering that they’re neither easily visible nor attractive due to the dull color of both the print and the boxes. We produce different types of tamper proof packaging cello tapes in Nigeria

Custom Temper Seal Packaging Tape are much more vibrant and attractive, and more importantly much more affordable. Using them for packaging showcase your brand effectively, and eliminate the need to use printed carton boxes. This allows you to reduce your packaging costs without failing to continue promoting your brand. Order your quality Custom Temper Seal Packing Tape at cheap and affordable prices in Nigeria.

Packaging tape, also called shipping tape or packing tape, is an adhesive-backed material used to seal packages, secure labels, and bundle loads. Packing tape is commonly used on loading docks, production lines, and other packing and shipping areas as well as for sealing moving boxes and packages. Resistant to scuffing, abrasion, tearing, and splitting, these conformable adhesive tapes are designed to seal a variety of box and carton materials for shipment or storage. Temper evident labels are used to seal cartons, containers, files, and more during shipment or storage. When removed, the label reveals a hidden message to alert you of tampering – it cannot then be resealed.


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