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IPrints is your one-stop shop for all sized orders for custom Paper Label Stickers Printing Services. Get Quality customized Paper Label Stickers Printing such as square, rectangle, circle and heart-shaped and die cut stickers for any occasion, event and businesses. We offer high quality printing of product price stickers and tamper proof packaging cello tapes in Nigeria with vibrant design at affordable prices to deliver to your doorstep.

Our selection of premium materials for paper label stickers ensures that they are not only visually appealing but also sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. Whether you need labels for products on store shelves, promotional giveaways, or any other application, we have the right materials to suit your needs.

Our Custom Product Price Stickers are extremely durable in extreme conditions, water resistant which are built to last and will promote your brand in wind, rain, sun and car-wash safe. This is backed by a strong adhesive which helps your stickers hold firm.

A sticker is a type of label in form of a piece of printed paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material with temporary or permanent pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. It can be used for decoration or for functional purposes, depending on the situation. Stickers can come in many different shapes and sizes and also vary widely in color and design. They are often adhered to items such as lunchboxes, paper, lockers, notebooks, walls, cars, windows, used as name tags, and so on.


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