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When it comes to custom business cards, metallic foil is, hands down, the most sought-after finish because it creates an elegant, sophisticated look that expresses true professionalism. Iprints offers different types of Business Cards such as: Gold-plated Metallic Business Card, Stacked Business Cards, Embossed Business Card, Classic Business Cards, Wild Format Business Cards, Social Business Cards, Sided Business Cards, Orientated Business Cards, Personal Business Cards and Profession-Specific Business Cards.

Order for high quality Gold-plated Metallic Business Card, promoting your personality and your brand within Lagos Nigeria. As one of the leading online digital Printing company in Lagos  Our Executive Line of Metallic business cards are of premium and the highest quality in business card printing.

Metallic Business Card is a modern invention a smart new age product that is stylish and ideal for promoting your personality and your brand, apart from it elegant look, it comfortable takes care of all the limitation of the regular business card; its water resistant, survives accidental damage and wear-and-tear. The durability of this Metallic business card would provide a stamp of quality and endurance to your products and services too


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