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Get your Outdoor Company Advertising Pylon Sign such as: Single-Pole Mount Signs, Twin-Pole Mount Signs, Covered Pole Mount Signs, Custom Light box Signs, Illuminated Pylon Signage etc. to advertise your brand. We will work together with you to offer exclusive outdoor pylon sign design that effectively describes your business or brand at affordable prices.

Our Pylon Signage are made from Top Quality Aco Board, displays Illuminated Light, Backlit LEDs, and 3D plastic and letters with display LED light or fluorescent lamps. Order now for quality Outdoor Company Advertising Pylon Sign at affordable price. We will ship to your location anywhere in Nigeria within 3-7 days.

Pylons are freestanding outdoor signs with either one or two poles for support. They can have either aluminum or steel frame, with a message displayed on one or both sides. These signage solutions are used for advertising a brand or as permanent fixtures for notifying people of shopping center locations, malls, industrial areas, business parks, or similar complexes.


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